You will be modestly covered by a sheet or towel at all times. You may undress to your comfort level or remain clothed. The
massage can be modified to work through the sheets or clothing. Modest draping is required by law, and as your therapist, I adhere to all legal and ethical standards.

Note - I do work late to accommodate my clients’ busy schedules.  I am professionally trained, licensed and insured.  All massages are performed as defined by the Washington State Board of Massage. I do not perform sensual or sexual massage. If inappropriate or sexual acting-out behavior

occurs, the massage will be terminated immediately and without refund.

Massage promotes restful sleep.  Many people find that massage helps with accomplishing a full nights rest.  Massage helps the body and mind relax and is a GREAT WAY TO END A HECTIC DAY!

Set Up

As your licensed massage professional, I will provide a high quality massage table, soft clean linens, music, lotion, and all

the necessary tools to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.



Daytime (9am – 5pm)

  • 60 mins - $90
  • 90 mins - $130

Evening (5pm – 9pm)

  • 60 mins - $100
  • 90 mins - $140

Our Policy

We all agree that time is very important. If you need to cancel, please contact us at least 4 hours before your appointment to avoid paying for the time we have reserved for you. For advanced, Special Event, Corporate or Sports bookings, we require at least 24 hours notice of cancellation.

Accepted forms of Payment
I accept cash, debit and credit. 

Billing is available for auto accident claims.


  • Discounts apply to services of 60 minutes or more. 
  • Discounts available for first-time clients - $10 OFF
  • Discounts available for 65 years or older - $10 OFF

For Corporate, Event or Sports pricing, please call for details.

Gift certificates are available.

I have been seeing Lyn for regular massages for more than a year. it is my favorite time of the week because her massages are so relaxing and effective. Each one is tailored to my body's specific needs and I always leave feeling AMAZING - body and mind. Lyn is great! Alayna B.
Lyn comes to our office and provides 20 min. massages to our staff. She has been coming here over 2 yrs. Her appt. times are always filled. Lyn is a amazing addition to our company. She keeps us relaxed and feeling GREAT! Sherise W.
Lyn is great at releasing the deep tension that builds up in my back and shoulders from stress and travel. I also notice a real benefit for my sports recovery when I am getting regular work from Lyn. Plus her rates are so reasonable without the overhead of a spa. Ian C.
Thank you for the wonderful massages! You are gentle but firm and a blessing! Kathryn from Holland
I always leave our sessions feeling refreshed and relaxed. Elizabeth Brown
Lyn has a natural gift to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Her massages are terrific. Maureen Durkin


Your schedule is important to me. When you call, I will try to get you in that day if that is your request. However, it is
best to call in advance to book the time(s) you prefer.


Before and after the massage, I will excuse myself so that you may get on/off the table in private.

Bringing the Massage to You!

Health History

For your safety and health, I will ask you to fill out a brief health history form; this form will remain completely