Many different special occasions could be a real success with either a 15- or 20-minute chair massage or a full hour table massage. This includes anything from small dinner parties and bridal showers to baby showers, graduations, ceremonies, special days and other events. Massage has become a real trend with events and can make your day that much more successful!


Massages before, during and after a sporting event can help loosen you up and promote a quick recovery. Before an event, a very fast and vigorous massage is preformed to loosen and warm up tight muscles quickly. During an event, receiving a mid-event massage could help in your recovery and awaken muscles that might not be ready for the next half. Post event massage is recommended to relieve cramping and stiffness as well as to speed up recovery process.

NOTE: A minimum reservation of 3 hours is required for Corporate and Event massage planning.

I have been seeing Lyn for regular massages for more than a year. it is my favorite time of the week because her massages are so relaxing and effective. Each one is tailored to my body's specific needs and I always leave feeling AMAZING - body and mind. Lyn is great! Alayna B.
Lyn comes to our office and provides 20 min. massages to our staff. She has been coming here over 2 yrs. Her appt. times are always filled. Lyn is a amazing addition to our company. She keeps us relaxed and feeling GREAT! Sherise W.
Lyn is great at releasing the deep tension that builds up in my back and shoulders from stress and travel. I also notice a real benefit for my sports recovery when I am getting regular work from Lyn. Plus her rates are so reasonable without the overhead of a spa. Ian C.
Thank you for the wonderful massages! You are gentle but firm and a blessing! Kathryn from Holland
I always leave our sessions feeling refreshed and relaxed. Elizabeth Brown
Lyn has a natural gift to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Her massages are terrific. Maureen Durkin

Types of Services

Home Massage

Bringing the massage to you. Experience the ultimate in relaxation by letting me come to you. No need to drive anywhere. Just enjoy the comforts of your own home and surroundings. I will set-up and take down in a quick, professional manner, and all you have to do is provide the space, relax and enjoy.


Massage has proven to provide numerous benefits for people, especially in a work environment. Stress relieving activities help to renew energy and ease the mind. Research indicates that a 20-minute chair massage results in decreased job stress, increased alertness and increased speed and accuracy on math computation. Whether you are interested in experiencing this for one time only or on a regular basis, it can be arranged. Go the extra mile at your next meeting, trade show, company picnic, or employee recognition day.

Bringing the Massage to You!